LG P500 upgrade to Android 4.4.2 Ver-12

Just reference the xda link.
[DEV][ROM][4.4.2][CM11] KITKAT for LG-P500 [WIP][VER-12 OTA]
In the link, there is a youtube tutorial video. In this Ver.12.

I use following in the Ver 12 link. Here is my  Aroma install options:

  1. Fresh Install
  2. no google apps
  3. no custom apps
  4. Link2SD
  5. no extra font.
After reboot, we should setup Link2SD to one ext4 partition in the class 10 SD card.
And I've setup the performance as SMARASSV2 CPU min:122, max:806 Mhz.

Now, it works smooth.

But the recent apps are too large for this old phone.
  1. skype could install, but could not work.
  2. google hangouts lack the video chat function.