Back to Arch Linux: Transforming a Home Computer Incompatible with Windows 11 into Arch Linux System

Reflecting on the last time I used Arch Linux, it was around the end of 2020. Mainly, I didn't use my home computer much, except for occasional tasks like tax filing. The hardware specifications of the second-hand Windows 10 machine purchased in October 2016 couldn't support the upgrade to Microsoft's Windows 11. Since November 2023, I had been planning to set up Arch Linux for dual-boot, but the process wasn't smooth. The main challenges were encountered while using System Rescue CD, as it struggled to partition the disk space for Arch Linux. After managing to allocate space, another obstacle arose with the UEFI boot configuration.

Following my past experiences, I knew I had to go through the Arch Linux Wiki multiple times, but it turned out to be more challenging than expected. Finally, yesterday, I discovered a simple solution on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SnjJEuaMH8.

After some struggle, I successfully installed Arch Linux. The primary reason for the initial failure was suspected to be that the BIOS of the Acer computer only accepted Windows Boot Manager for the first hard drive. My solution was to set one partition of the second drive as the UEFI boot sector.

Main adjustments made:

  1. Using the Wayland-based GNOME desktop environment.
  2. Employing fcitx5-chewing for Zhuyin input.
  3. Disabling GDI password input, allowing direct access to the browser upon startup.
  4. Habitual adjustments: Switching to Firefox from Chrome.

Conclusion: Installing Arch Linux can be relatively quick if guided by someone experienced and with a good internet connection. It took me about half an hour, and now I can somewhat consider myself familiar with it.

 重回 Arch Linux: 家用電腦無法裝 Windows 11改裝 ArchLinux記事

 回想上次最後一次使用Arch Linux大概是從2020年底左右,主要是除了在辦公室外,回家幾乎不開電腦,主要是報稅時才用,平常也只是上上網路。
家中買的2016年10月 Windows 10 二手主機硬體規格已經無法升級微軟的 Windows 11,從2023年11月一直打算裝上 Arch Linux 做雙重開機,但不是很順利,主要是卡關在使用 System Rescue CD 無法順利將磁碟機空間分出一塊來給 Arch Linux。之後好不容易分出空間,又卡關在無法搞定 EUFI 開機設定。依照以往的經驗就是要把 Arch Linux 的 Wiki多念幾遍,但是發現沒那容易,昨天終於發現簡單的作法 Youtube

經過一番折騰,終於裝起來了,最主要裝不成功的原因推測是 Acer 電腦的 BIOS 第一台硬碟只接受 Windows Boot Manager,我後來的解法是設定第二台主機其中一個 partition 當成 UEFI 開機磁區。

1. 使用 wayland 的 Gnome 桌面
2. 使用 fcitx5-chewing 注音輸入
3. 關閉 GDI 密碼輸入,開機就可進瀏覽器
4. 習慣調整: 從 Chrome改用 firefox