A quick nvim setup on free Google Cloud Console Debian Linux

Once upon a time, Google Cloud Console (now available for free) has been upgraded to this configuration:

  • OS: Debian 11
  • CPU: AMD EPYC 7B12 2250 MHz
  • Memory: 13GB
  • Disk: 13GB

I tried installing a brand new nvim, a simple fast setup. Here are the steps:

Download the latest release of nvim:

wget https://github.com/neovim/neovim/releases/latest/download/nvim-linux64.tar.gz

Extract the downloaded tarball and place nvim in /opt directory:

sudo tar -C /opt -xf nvim-linux64.tar.gz

Create a symbolic link to make nvim accessible from your user's bin directory:

ln -s /opt/nvim-linux64/bin/nvim ~/bin

For a quick setup of nvim, you can refer to this resource: https://www.lazyvim.org/installation

曾幾何時,Google Cloud 控制台(現在可免費使用)已經升級到以下配置:

  • 操作系統:Debian 11
  • CPU:AMD EPYC 7B12 2250 MHz
  • 內存:13GB
  • 磁盤:13GB

我嘗試安裝了全新的 nvim,一個簡單又快速的設定。以下是操作步驟:

下載最新版本的 nvim:

wget https://github.com/neovim/neovim/releases/latest/download/nvim-linux64.tar.gz

解壓縮下載的 tarball 並將 nvim 放置在 /opt 目錄下:

sudo tar -C /opt -xf nvim-linux64.tar.gz

創建符號連結,以使 nvim 可以從您的使用者 bin 目錄訪問:

ln -s /opt/nvim-linux64/bin/nvim ~/bin

欲快速設定 nvim,您可以參考這個資源:https://www.lazyvim.org/installation


Things start from clearing my Inbox

Today marks a fresh beginning in my life, and I've committed to transforming some of my daily routines into enjoyable hobbies. These are the five objectives that I'm resolutely focusing on:

  1. Clearing my Inbox: Every day, I'm dedicated to decluttering my email inbox, ensuring I never miss out on essential communications.
  2. Writing a Daily Blog: I'm passionate about sharing my thoughts and experiences through daily blogging, providing a glimpse into my world.
  3. Achieving Goals with the "Getting Things Done" Approach: I'm adopting the "Getting Things Done" method to boost my productivity and bring my projects to fruition.
  4. Maintaining a Neat Home During "Tomato Timer" Breaks: Utilizing the "Tomato Timer" technique during breaks to keep my living space tidy and harmonious, fostering a balanced work-life environment.
  5. Daily Expense Tracking and Bank Account Management: I've embraced the practice of daily expense tracking and started actively managing my bank accounts, ensuring my financial well-being.

Each day presents an opportunity for growth and self-improvement. These habits-turned-hobbies are my stepping stones to a more organized and fulfilling life.


  1. 清理我的收件箱:每天,我致力於整理電子郵件收件箱,確保不錯過重要的通訊。
  2. 每日寫博客:我熱衷於透過每日博客分享我的思想和經驗。
  3. 通過「Getting Things Done」方法實現目標:我正在採用「Getting Things Done」方法,提高我的工作效率,將項目變成現實。
  4. 在「番茄計時器」休息時保持房屋整潔:利用「番茄計時器」技巧,在休息時保持我的居住空間整潔和和諧,培養平衡的工作與生活環境。
  5. 每日開支跟蹤和銀行帳戶管理:我已經採納了每日開支跟蹤的習慣,並開始積極管理我的銀行帳戶,確保我的財務狀況良好。